“How you decide to think about something determines how you feel.”

 -Brooke Castillo

Are you as quote crazy as the world appears to be?  Or at least as much as Pinterest seems to be?

Quotes with pictures, quotes on cards, in frames, on fridges, magnetized, monetized. QUOTES!

I’ll admit it, am in to quotes.  I actually found that someone had quoted me on a poster for a running event.  It. Was. Awesome. It felt awesome because of the thought I had about it.

I tried out the wisdom in today’s quote below, with two possible thoughts:

1.  Someone stole my work and did not even tell me.  I don’t even know who they are, rude! I never wanted to be paraded around the interwebs!

2.  Someone used my words!  How cool is that, I don’t even know them and they are quoting me!  I need to google myself more often.  This is so fun!”

We can change the way we feel by changing the way we think.

Take Action:

What is the feeling you are having right now?

What is the thought you are having that is creating that feeling?

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